Frequently Asked Questions

How large is the scar from a cervical artificial disc surgery? Where will the scar be?

Dr. Paul Broadstone Dr. Paul Broadstone
Chattanooga, TN
The scar varies from 2-4cm in length.
Dr. Praveen Mummaneni Dr. Praveen Mummaneni
San Francisco, CA
The scar is on the front of the neck, usually in a skin crease and measures about 1-2 inches.
Dr. Todd Lanman Dr. Todd Lanman
Los Angeles, CA
The scar is typically an inch long running transversely, or side to side, across the neck. Often the scar is placed in the skin fold in the neck so that it is barely visible later on. The incision varies from person to person, but in general, it is about an inch long.
Dr. Michael Neuwirth Dr. Michael Neuwirth
New York, NY
The scar will be directly in front of the neck, either to the left or right of the midline. Exactly where it is located depends on the level of the disc that is going to be replaced. The incision is generally about an inch and a half in length, and generally placed in a normal skin crease. It is usually not an issue cosmetically.
Dr. Todd Bonvallet Dr. Todd Bonvallet
Chattanooga, TN
The incision is typically a transverse incision in the neck ranging from 2-3 cm in length, and because the incision is more transverse there is typically very little scar tissue evident post-operatively down the road.
Dr. Vincent Traynelis Dr. Vincent Traynelis
Iowa City, IA
The incision is in the front of the neck. The length may vary depending on a number of factors. Incisions in this area usually heal well and are not prominent.
Dr. Rebecca Stachniak Dr. Rebecca Stachniak
Plano, TX
The scar from disc replacement surgery is the same as that from typical fusion surgery.
Dr. Brett Taylor Dr. Brett Taylor
St. Louis, MO
The scar size for a standard anterior cervical discectomy and fusion and the scar size for a standard PRESTIGE® Cervical Disc surgery is very similar ranging from 4 to 5 centimeters on average. Scarring tends to be primarily due to the person's biology. Those who have very exuberant scar formation may see a same finding after cervical surgery. However, the incision is standardly placed within the natural skin creases of the neck which in some circumstances results in a very small and hard to detect incision. We encourage patients after surgery to be aware of their sun exposure, as sun exposure may be associated with hyperpigmentation at the site of the scar.
Dr. Kenneth Burkus Dr. Kenneth Burkus
Columbus, GA
The incision is a transverse incision in the neck, so it is very cosmetic. The incision can be placed in a skin fold and the incision is usually between 3-4 centimeters.
Dr. Rick Sasso Dr. Rick Sasso
Indianapolis, IN
It is a very small scar, very small incision, and it's in a normal crease or fold in the neck and after it heals, it's usually imperceptible.
Dr. Robert Pashman Dr. Robert Pashman
Los Angeles, CA
The scar for an anterior cervical discectomy with artificial disc placement is approximately one inch horizontally. The incision is made in a natural skin fold and meticulously closed for an excellent cosmetic outcome.
Dr. Jeffrey Carlson Dr. Jeffrey Carlson
Newport News, VA
The standard incision is about an inch long on the left side of the front of the neck.
Dr. Richard Fessler Dr. Richard Fessler
Chicago, IL
The scar is on the front/side on the neck, usually in a skin crease and about 2-3 cm long. Once it is healed it usually is barely visible.

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