Questions for My Spine Surgeon

If your doctor has recommended that you undergo a cervical artificial disc replacement that involves the use of the PRESTIGE® Cervical Disc, you may have a lot of questions about the device and the procedure, why you need it and what to expect before, during and after surgery. This is understandable, and your doctor should discuss the answers thoroughly with you before you go forward with your spinal surgery.

Here are some questions you can print out and take with you when you meet with your spine surgeon:

  1. Why do I need cervical arthroplasty (cervical artificial disc replacement surgery)?
    • What are the alternatives?
    • Are there any differences in efficacy, safety or possible side effects among the alternatives and the recommended procedure?
    • Is cervical artificial disc replacement with the PRESTIGE® Cervical Disc an option for me?
    • What are the potential complications?
    • When can I expect to return to normal activity?
  2. Please describe the procedure to me.
    • What exactly will happen during my spine surgery?
    • What are the pros and cons of my spine surgery?
    • How large will my incision be and where will it be made? Will I have a scar, and if so, where?
    • Is there an alternative procedure that could be done?
    • Why do you recommend this procedure to me?
  3. Will this be painful?
    • Can you please describe what it will be like (level, duration, etc?)
    • Is there anything I can do to lessen the pain?
  4. What medications are involved?
    • Do they have any side effects?
    • Are there any alternatives to taking these medications?
    • Here is a list of all the medications, vitamins and supplements that I currently take (make this list ahead of time, and bring in the bottles if you are not sure of the names or dosages.) Are there any possible interactions with the new medications you intend to prescribe me?
    Product Name Amount of Drug Per Pill Times Taken Per Day Prescribing Doctor

  5. How long will my entire course of treatment last?
    • What is the overall treatment plan, and what are my options?
    • How often will I need to see you after my artificial disc replacement surgery?
    • Will I need to see any other doctors?
    • What lifestyle changes, if any, will I need to make?
    • When can I return to work and/or resume my normal activities?
  6. How much will the entire treatment cost?
    • Will my insurance cover the treatments?
    • Does your office have payment plans?
  7. Medtronic is focused on improving patient access to Medtronic therapies and technologies. As a result, Medtronic's Spinal and Biologics business provides a service, Therapy Access Solutions (TAS), to assist in navigating the authorization and appeal process with payers. This program offers information, training and support for our customers. Contact the TAS staff at (866)-446-3873 for assistance with prior authorizations, denial management and appeals, office staff education and training, and product information.

  8. Who should I call in your office if I have more questions?
    • What should I look out for?
    • Are there any websites that I can go to and learn more about this procedure?

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